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Due East #1 - Introducing Doug and Sapphira Hu

Due East #2 - Sapphira's Dream

Due East #3 - Doug and Sapphira's uneasy conversation

Due East #4 - Doug and Sapphira arrive at the house

Due East #5 - Introducing Brielle and Crystal Mills and Carolyn Maye

Due East #6 - Family reunion -- sort of

Due East #7 - Carolyn and Brielle discuss the reunion

Due East #8 - Doug, off to work -- just barely!

Due East #9 - Sapphira's job search

Due East #10 - Two months later; focus on Brielle's school interests

Due East #11 - Doug's announcement to Sapphira

Due East #12 - Crystal's journal musings

Due East #13 - Brielle confronts Crystal about Doug

Due East #14 - Brielle gets a troubling call from Carolyn

Due East #15 - Sapphira looks up and old friend on the Net

Due East #16 - Brielle comes to a realization about Sapphira

Due East #17 - Sapphira gets a job

Due East #18 - Brielle is endangered by a storm

Due East #19 - Sapphira arrives at the house just in time

Due East #20 - Sapphira makes some calls for help

Due East #21 - Brielle wakes up to a surprise (or two)

Due East #22 - An unusual family reunion for Brielle

Due East #23 - More shocks for (and from) Brielle

Due East #24 - Brielle is having trouble communicating with her family

Due East #25 - Brielle is confronted by "Doug"

Due East #26 - Brielle escapes "Doug" only to run into Carolyn

Due East #27 - Carolyn explains some important things to Brielle

Due East #28 - Doug and Crystal return to Austin after the storm

Due East #29 - Sapphira contacts her parents about Brielle's accident

Due East #30 - Doug and Crystal try to cope with the news of Brielle being badly injured

Due East #31 - Sapphira and Carolyn talk while waiting for Brielle's x-rays

Due East #32 - Carolyn tries to help a stranger at the wrong time

Due East #33 - Carolyn tries to cope with what happened in her encounter with the woman at the hospital

Due East #34 - Doug and Crystal talk with Sapphira and Carolyn about what to do next

Due East #35 - Doug and Crystal talk about the news they've received about Brielle's medical condition and how they plan to handle it

Due East #36 - Carolyn and Sapphira have a friendly chat.

Due East #37 - Carolyn is too tired to drive home.

Due East #38 - Brielle wakes up at the hospital and comes to an important realization about her family.

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