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The Premise For The Story

Douglas Hu and Crystal Mills divorced six years ago. Douglas had agreed to be transferred from his software trainer job in America to his employer's Canadian office while his wife demanded to stay in Austin, Texas. Douglas' 13 year old daughter, Sapphira, insisted on moving to Canada with him. Crystal and his younger daughter, Brielle, remained in Austin, Texas.

Crystal stayed in contact with Douglas through letters during those six years, however...mainly to be kept up-to-date about Sapphira's well-being. In time, Crystal and Douglas redeveloped their own relationship and decided to reconcile. Now Douglas and Sapphira have returned home to Austin, Texas.

This in turn has forced Sapphira (now age 19) to give up the life she had begun to make for herself in Canada with her chosen profession and start all over again in her now estranged hometown.

Brielle, 16, must now face an unexpected twist in her plans to "spread her wings" as an independent young adult. She won't have the unwavering and undivided attention, support and full perspective from her mother that she'd depended on to make it this far. Her childhood best friend, Carolyn Maye, is the only anchor to reason that she has to hold on to.

Doug and Crystal have more than a "new start" in their lives together to rekindle; they must also find a way to heal and mend the family torn apart years ago.

All the while, changes unlike anything they ever imagined in their lives approaches. It is up to them to take hold of what was, is and always shall be.

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